McCann Apples

McCann Apples
Business Name: McCann Apples
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P. McCann & Sons由帕齐·麦肯(Patsy McCann)于1968年创立。其在北爱尔兰阿尔马的苹果农场建有食品加工厂,从事苹果加工与包装,产品销往都柏林和贝尔法斯特,采用超市销售、当地传统市场销售及上门推销等销售方式。P. McCann & Sons目前是世界一流的苹果加工与包装商,产品包括普通苹果、有机苹果、普通梨、有机梨、纯苹果汁、苹果酒。位于卡恩食品工业园区(Carn Food Park)的工厂是目前最先进的生产工厂,建厂20周年,为英国和爱尔兰的零售和酒店行业提供产品。我们拥有自有果园基地,选用果农手工采摘的最上乘的水果,提供最优质的产品。我们种植生产苹果的智慧代代相传,确保家族传承。此外,我们还与当地高校合作,研究及应用现代种植技术。

English Description: P. McCann & Sons was established in 1968 by Patsy McCann, developing the packing house on the Apple farm in Armagh to include development of Apple processing and packing for the main markets in Dublin and Belfast; local supermarkets as well as keeping the tradition of local markets and door to door sales alive. Now P.McCann & Sons is recognised as one of the leading packers and processors of conventional and organic apples and pears, pure Apple juice and fermented apple cider. With the new plant in Carn Food Park celebrating 20 years in the purpose built, state of the art production plant to service Retail and Hospitality sectors across the Uk and Ireland. We work with our own orchards and growers to hand pick the finest fruit and provide high quality products. Knowledge is passed down from generation to generation to ensure the family tradition, we also work with local Universities and Colleges to ensure modern growing techniches.

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