Modern Water 莫尔顿水务技术(上海)有限公司

Modern Water 莫尔顿水务技术(上海)有限公司
Business Name: Modern Water 莫尔顿水务技术(上海)有限公司
Chinese Description:

Modern Water拥有、安装和运营世界领先的膜技术,并开发和供应先进的水质监测系统,在国内外享有良好的业界品牌知名度,深受广大用户信赖。

Modern Water的膜工艺部门利用其世界领先的正向渗透(FO)技术,应用于多种膜工艺,包括:海水淡化,蒸发冷却系统的补给水生产,热脱盐工艺,膜浓盐水浓缩,提高回收率和水力渗透力(HOP)。

Modern Water依靠生物发光、伏安法和先进的免疫分析技术,在生物毒性、重金属和环境污染物的监测技术以及仪器研发方面为用户提供快速可靠的解决方案。主要用户来自各个行业,包括市政供水、石油天然气、食品饮料、学术研究、环境修复、制药业、采矿业等等。

English Description: Modern Water is a pioneering and innovative technology company, specialising in membrane water treatment solutions and advanced monitoring products. The company works for customers in a range of industries across the globe and owns proprietary technologies for use in a diverse range of applications.

Modern Water’s Monitoring Division has a portfolio of world-leading toxicity and trace metal monitoring products, some of which constitute the regulatory standard.

The headline brine concentration technology of the Company’s Membrane Division, called “”AMBC””​, can be used to tackle complex waste water treatment problems at a reduced cost compared to standard processes, while being simple to operate.

Modern Water also supplies a range of high specification, low cost, packaged RO systems for seawater desalination applications under the AquaPak brand.