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New World Foods

New World Foods
Business Name: New World Foods
Chinese Description:

New World Foods成立于1977年,创始人为托尼·奎因(Tony Quinn)。品牌于2019年3月被Meatsnacks集团收购,如今已成为英国和澳大利亚最大的牛肉干制造商,旗下拥有四家工厂。

New World Food欧洲工厂位于英格兰约克郡(York)、苏格兰福里斯(Forres)和格兰镇(Grantown)。New World Food具有英国BRC认证和USDA认证,目前在同类肉干和干肉片制造商中排名第一。其中Speyside三文鱼肉干采用养殖的大西洋三文鱼手工制作而成,富含蛋白、Omega 3、维生素D和维生素B12,有两种口味可供选择(海盐黑胡椒味和甜辣椒味)。 30g包装分挂式包装和易上架包装两种,可常温储存(12个月)

English Description: New World Foods was established in 1977 and is owned by Tony Quinn. NWF acquired the Meatsnacks Group in March 2019 and is now the largest manufacturer of Beef Jerky in UK & Australia, operating 4 facilities. New World Food European factories are located in York in England along with Forres and Grantown in Scotland. NWF are the #1 ranked jerky and biltong in the UK BRC accredited and USDA certified manufacturing.

Speyside salmon jerky is high in protein and a great source of Omega 3 and vitamin D plus B12. Prepared by hand from farmed Atlantic salmon and available in 2 flavours (sea salt & black pepper and sweet chili pepper). The 30g portion packs are available on clip-strip or SRP and ambient stable product (12 months).