The Old Curiosity Distillery Ltd

The Old Curiosity Distillery Ltd
Business Name: The Old Curiosity Distillery Ltd
Chinese Description:


他改造了爱丁堡郊区一处占地七英亩的低地,建立了Secret Herb Garden并向公众开放。如今,Secret Herb Garden已经成为一家屡获殊荣的草药苗圃,生长着超过600种天然草药和花卉,为顶级爱丁堡餐厅提供独特的天然原料。

随后不久,哈米什创立了Old Curiosity Distillery,开始使用Secret Herb Garden的草药和花卉生产一系列纯天然手工酿造的优质金酒。哈米什对他的花园充满热忱,希望使用他种植的植物和花卉酿造不添加任何添加剂或调味剂的纯天然金酒。

English Description: Hamish, a former wine merchant, began to pursue his lifelong passion for plants by gaining a Herbology Diploma.

After the transformation of a seven acre lowland site on the outskirts of Edinburgh, The Secret Herb Garden opened its doors to the public. Today The Secret Herb Garden is an award-winning herb nursery with over 600 naturally grown and tended varieties of herbs and flowers. As well as providing top Edinburgh restaurants with unique natural ingredients.

The Old Curiosity Distillery quickly followed and Hamish embarked on the production of a collection of premium, 100% natural, hand crafted Gins, produced using the herbs and flowers from The Secret Herb Garden. Passionate about his garden, Hamish’s motivation was to make use of the plants, botanicals, and flowers that he grows, and to create Gins that are entirely natural with no additives or flavourings.