Oralift Ltd

Oralift Ltd
Business Name: Oralift Ltd
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English Description: Oralift Facial Rejuvenation is a revolutionary, non invasive treatment designed to address and delay the signs of facial aging, naturally. It was pioneered by a UK dentist and is manufactured in the UK. It is achieved by wearing a mouthguard type device for short periods twice a week. Oralift is comfortable and pain free, ensuring users will not only look more youthful but also avoid the discomfort of injectables. Oralift utilises the power of the facial muscles, not through yoga exercises or massage but without lifting a finger. Exercise as we all know is your best medicine …. And Oralift is effortless!

The treatment was only available in dental clinics until this year, when a DIY version was launched, enabling it to become an e – commerce product, available globally. Oralift is accompanied by an App which supports the user throughout treatment. The App has a unique photographic comparison tool.