Pilgrim’s Pride Ltd.

Pilgrim’s Pride Ltd.
Business Name: Pilgrim’s Pride Ltd.
Chinese Description:

Pilgrim’s Pride Ltd公司在食品制造业领域处于行业领先地位。我们拥有14个资金充足的现代化生产设施,可为零售、批发和食品服务行业提供一系列高品质、低成本的创新产品。我们隶属于世界第二大食品公司Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation,该公司团队负责养殖、加工、制作、包装和运送新鲜、冷冻和增值食品,其产品销往100多个国家。我们非常自豪能与1000多名英国农民合作,他们与我们一样,在动物福利、效率和质量方面坚持最高标准。


English Description: Pilgrim’s Pride Ltd. is proud to be at the fore of the food manufacturing industry, providing a wide range of quality, cost-effective and innovative products to the retail, wholesale and foodservice sectors from our 14 modern, well-invested manufacturing facilities. A division of Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, our business is part of the second-largest food company in the world, whose team farms, processes, prepares, packages and delivers fresh, frozen and value added food products for sale in more than 100 countries. We are proud to partner with more than 1,000 UK farmers who share our belief in the highest standards on animal welfare, efficiency and quality.

Our own farming operation is 100% RSPCA Higher Welfare, making us the largest producer of higher-welfare pork globally. Our fully integrated supply chain, using our own higher-welfare pigs, supported by the highest independent R&D spend on pig farming, makes us unique in the marketplace and for our consumers. Our strategic pillars are based on becoming a more valued partner with key customers; relentlessly pursuing operational excellence; safe people, safe products and healthy attitudes; and developing a unique portfolio of diverse, complementary business models. Pilgrim’s Pride Ltd.’s foundations and strength lie in our core values of Determination, Simplicity, Availability, Humility, Sincerity, Discipline, Ownership.