Pura panela ltd

Pura panela ltd
Business Name: Pura panela ltd
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Pura Panela提供可作为精制糖替代品的红糖,用于零售、食品服务和创新食品行业。

English Description: Panela has been Colombia’s sugar of choice for many generations.

Panela is handcrafted natural cane juice; dehydrated through an artisan process that retains nutrients and results in a delicious caramelesque flavour.

Packed with goodness and flavour, Panela can be used as a replacement for refined sugar. It is perfect in coffee and ideal for cooking and baking.

It´s not sugar, it’s Panela!

Pura Panela offers Panela as an alternative to refined sugar for retail, food service and the inovative food industry.