Purple Beard Ltd

Purple Beard Ltd
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Purple Beard Training携手认证机构,提供众多技术领域的数字技能培训服务以及创业项目。公司拥有超过16年行业经验,在多个行业举办过成功的培训项目。我们对教育工作充满热情。Purple Beard Training是内容和行业专家,旨在通过量身定制的混合式学习项目弥补技能差距,使用学习工具赋能学员,确保他们获得更好的生计,使他们拥有更美好、更稳定、更充实的生活。

English Description: Purple Beard Training provides digital skills training aligned with certification bodies in a range of technology areas as well as Entrepreneurship Programs. Purple Beard has more than sixteen years of industry experience delivering successful training initiatives across a range of sectors. We are passionate about working in the Education sector.

Subject matters and industry experts author Purple Beard Training. With the aims to bridge the skills gaps through tailored blended learning programs to empower people with the tools to learn and secure better livelihoods so they can have better, more stable and more fulfilled lives.