Regal Foods PLC

Regal Foods PLC
Business Name: Regal Foods PLC
Chinese Description:

Regal Foods是一家大型国际化食品制造商、出口商和经销商,主营各种甜食和烘焙产品。

面包干、糕点和印度小吃(Bombay Mix)等咸味小食属于公司的传统产品。除此之外,公司还推出了Siprus Juices和大受欢迎的薯片系列。Regal Foods的生产制造和经销出现了大幅增长,产品在英国和全球范围内许多大型连锁超市均有出售。

目前公司旗下产品包括蛋糕、饼干、糕点、果汁、咸味小食、小吃、酱料和调味品。与此同时,Regal Foods还在不断扩大经营产品范围,持续增加并向市场推出新产品。

English Description: Regal Foods PLC are a major world food manufactures, exporters, and distributors in a wide range of confectionary and bakery products. Alongside the more traditional products such as their cake rusk range, pastry products and savoury snacks such as Bombay Mix, Regal Foods PLC also have a selection of Siprus Juices and a popular range of potato crisps.

Regal Foods PLC has seen a major increase in both manufacturing and distribution, resulting in products featured in many major supermarket chains around the UK and on a global scale. Regal Foods PLC offers product lines in cakes, biscuits, pastry, juices, savouries, snacks, sauces and condiments.

The world food manufactures continue to grow their product range and are constantly adding and bringing new products to the market.