RHA Technologies Ltd.

RHA Technologies Ltd.
Business Name: RHA Technologies Ltd.
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英国独立耳机品牌RHA ,2011年于格拉斯哥成立,主要贩售无线蓝牙耳机、有线耳机等音频产品,以英国设计、精密工程和高质量材质在业界创下口碑。其品牌的核心目标是改变人们与声音、科技及双方之间的互动方式。RHA致力优化用户的音频使用体验,认为科技是连接人与人之间的桥梁,期许通过不断地创新跟努力创造高品质的耳机产品,让用户在通勤、运动或是旅游等不同的场合之下,能充分地享受声音带来的感动与乐趣。

English Description: Wherever you travel, people spend all day, every day listening.

They listen to playlists, podcasts, albums, movies, calls, radio, audiobooks; to themselves and to each other. The tools that they use to listen should not only perform excellently but say something about who they are.

In 2011, a few like-minded people came together in Glasgow, UK, to start RHA. We want to create high-quality, highly-performing tech with integrity and heart – tech that improves life rather than taking it over.

We make things we want to use.
We make things we want to own.
We make things that make sound better.
We make things that make life better.