Rooney Fish

Rooney Fish
Business Name: Rooney Fish
Chinese Description:

Rooney Fish是北爱尔兰最大的一家海鲜加工家族企业,迄今已有40多年虾加工历史。

该公司由已故的约翰·鲁尼(John Rooney)于1975年创立,目前由其妻露丝玛丽、其子安德鲁共同经营。该公司在经欧盟批准的基尔基尔港(Harbour Kilkeel)现代化厂房内开展业务,所有新鲜、冷冻、新鲜煮熟、熟冻和活体贝类等均在此地加工。公司目前有60名全职员工。

English Description: Rooney Fish is a local family run business which has been involved in prawn processing for more than 40 years.

They are the largest shellfish processors in Northern Ireland.

The company was started by the late John Rooney in 1975 and is now ably supported by his wife Rosemary and son, Andrew.

The business trades from modern EC approved premises at the Harbour Kilkeel where all variants of shellfish are processed. Ranging from fresh, frozen, cooked fresh, cooked frozen and supplied live.

The company currently employs 60 people either on a full time basis.