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Round Midnight Ltd
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Round Midnight有限公司是一家教育剧场创新公司,因其定制教育、培训和“科技向善”(Tech for Good)计划而闻名。自1992年起,我们就开始在伯明翰、英国各地以及世界各地提供了各种各样的项目。

在过去五年里,我们在Round Midnight的工作已经从英国拓展到海外的国际学校和双语学校。我们的使命是为世界各地的学校提供最优质的创意艺术项目,让所有年轻人都有机会感受创造性学习。有了我们的戏剧工作坊和艺术节,课堂中的任何科目都可以焕发栩栩的生命力!

正如我们为英国学校提供的服务一样,Round Midnight同样为海外学校提供工作定制计划以满足它们的特殊需要。我们开设主题创意艺术工坊是为了开发和强化课程,这些课程既可以是针对为期一周的表演研习班的一部分内容,也可以是为两周时间的完整表演而专设。

目前,Round Midnight正致力于凭借数字化解决方案和虚拟现实开发开创性的教育科技项目。这些振奋人心的创新经历可以帮助年轻人更好地学习,同时也让他们参与到具有挑战性的PSHE(Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)重要课程中。

English Description: Round Midnight Ltd is an innovative Theatre in Education company renowned for its bespoke education, training and Tech for Good programs. We have delivered a diverse range of projects in Birmingham, across the UK, and internationally since 1992.

Over the past five years, we at Round Midnight have expanded our work from the UK, overseas into International and Bilingual Schools. Our mission is to provide the highest quality creative arts projects to schools all over the world, so that all young people have the opportunity to learn through creativity. With our drama workshops and arts festivals any subject in any classroom can be brought to life!

As we do in the UK, Round Midnight create bespoke programs of work, tailored to each schools’ specific needs. We create topic-based creative arts workshops in order to develop and enhance the curriculum, whether it be part of a week of one-off acting workshops, or a fortnights worth of creating a full performance.

Round Midnight are currently working on new groundbreaking Tech in Education programs, using digital solutions and Virtual Reality. These exciting and innovative experiences enhance young people’s learning and engages them with important and challenging PSHE topics.