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Scott Brownrigg

Scott Brownrigg
Business Name: Scott Brownrigg
Chinese Description:

Scott Brownrigg是全球设计领导者和英国最大的设计领导者之一,也是全球百强企业之一。我们的愿景是通过营造环境来改变行业,丰富人们的生活,创造一个更美好的世界。我们的项目范围从大型混合用途总体规划到建筑与室内设计。此外,我们还可以为客户提供数字孪生、办公场所战略、设计安全和设计审查服务。我们在全球的项目涵盖所有主要领域,包括铁路和航空、教育、公民和文化、商业空间、住宅和混合用途建筑、先进技术、酒店和国防。我们在伦敦、英国各地以及新加坡、纽约和阿姆斯特丹等地都设有工作室。上述这些再加上在香港和中东的战略联盟,让我们能够为不断增长的国际客户和项目基地提供服务。我们为机会而活,努力让自己和团队更具创造力。

English Description: Scott Brownrigg are a global design leader, one of the largest in the UK and within the Global Top 100. We have a Vision to transform the industry and enrich lives through the built environment to create a better world. Our projects range from large scale mixed-use masterplans to architectural and interior design. In addition we can offer clients Digital Twins, workplace strategy, safety in design and design review services. Our projects across the globe cover all major sectors from rail and aviation, education, civic and cultural to business space, residential and mixed use, advanced technologies, hospitality and defence. We have studios in London and across the UK and internationally in Singapore, New York and Amsterdam. These together with strategic alliances in Hong Kong and the Middle East enable us to serve our growing international client and project base. We live for opportunities to push ourselves, creatively, in business and as a team.