Sea Chips

Sea Chips
Business Name: Sea Chips
Chinese Description:

Sea Chips以常被浪费但营养丰富的三文鱼皮为原料,手工制作生产出三文鱼皮脆片。


Sea Smoked是一款传统的苏格兰橡木烟熏三文鱼食品,也是世界上第一款无塑料包装的产品,所有材料均可堆肥或可回收。

English Description: Sea Chips produce handcrafted salmon skin crisps,using the often wasted nutrient packed skins.

Offering 3 flavours, Lightly Salted, Salt & Vinegar and Lime & Chilli, Sea Chips provides a low calorie, high protein & omega 3 nutrient snack that donates 10% of their profits to ocean charities to keep the sea clean.

Sea Smoked is a traditional oak Scottish smoked salmon, becoming the worlds first plastic free packaging, with all materials compostable or recyclable.