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Seabed Scour Control Systems Ltd 海床冲刷控制系统有限公司

Seabed Scour Control Systems Ltd 海床冲刷控制系统有限公司
Business Name: Seabed Scour Control Systems Ltd 海床冲刷控制系统有限公司
Chinese Description:

海床冲刷控制系统有限公司(SSCS)是公认的叶状冲刷保护系统的供应商,在世界处 于领先地位,该保护系统适用于海上风机基础、电缆和其他结构、海底管道、海上油 气部门的平台支腿和脐带缆、近海民用部门设施、环境工程和考古遗址保护等。

SSCS为所有类型的海底和水下设施设计和制造定制的SSCS叶状防护垫。SSCS叶状防护 垫为新的水下设施提供有计划的和预防性的冲刷保护,解决现有设施遇到的冲刷问题 ,并提供目前唯一可用的永久性冲刷解决方案”。

English Description: Seabed Scour Control Systems Limited (SSCS) is acknowledged as a World Leader in the provision of Frond Scour Protection Systems for applications including Offshore Wind turbine foundations, cables and other structures, subsea pipelines, platform legs and Umbilicals for the offshore Oil & Gas sector, inshore civil sector requirements, environmental projects and for the protection of archaeological sites.

SSCS designs and manufactures bespoke SSCS Frond Mats for all types of subsea and underwater installations, The SSCS Frond Mats are used to provide planned and preventative scour protection for new subsea installations and to rectify scour encountered at existing facilities and provide the only permanent solution to scour available today.