Severn Lamb

Severn Lamb
Business Name: Severn Lamb
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English Description: Severn Lamb are world leaders in the design, manufacture, and supply of light urban, leisure, and resort transport. We offer over 50 years’ experience in moving people across a range of industries. Our product range includes Park Trains, Trams & Trolleys, Road Trains, Ultra Light Rail Vehicles, Amphibious Passenger Vehicles, and individually customized one-off projects. Our typical clientele includes theme parks, leisure parks and visitor attractions, resorts and municipalities as well as private enthusiasts. We specialize in offering a high-quality tailor-made product to meet our clients with precise technical and commercial requirements.

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  • CNUK
    4 Christopher Street
    EC2A 2BS

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    T:+44 (0)20 3290 5588