Simworx 西姆沃克斯公司

Simworx 西姆沃克斯公司
Business Name: Simworx 西姆沃克斯公司
Chinese Description:

西姆沃克斯公司(Simworx)被公认为业内领先的动态运动仿真景点供应商,具有代表性的设施诸如我们最新的飞行剧院(Flying Theatres)和《AGV黑暗骑乘》(AGV Dark Ride)游乐设施,以及其在全球娱乐、教育和企业市场中广受欢迎的4D电影院。西姆沃克斯公司在为顾客提供完整的一站式方案(turnkey solution)的过程中不断提升技术,服务包括定制和完善主题景点、产品开发、制造、服务支持、电影内容和动作编程。顾客还可使用庞大的电影库,尽享其中主题内容丰富多样的电影。西姆沃克斯公司总部设在英国金斯温福德。在这里,西姆沃克斯公司拥有已获得制造质量认证的现场高科技制造工厂,确保为顾客提供质量无可比拟的产品。迄今为止,西姆沃克斯公司已在英国、北美、欧洲、新西兰、亚洲、南美和中东等世界各地安装了景点。西姆沃克斯公司专门成立了一支由服务工程师组成的团队,借助他们提供的无与伦比的产品支持,公司在全球范围内提供全年无休的支持。

English Description: Simworx are acknowledged as leaders in the supply of dynamic motion simulation attractions, including our latest Flying Theatres and AGV Dark Ride amongst others, plus their ever popular 4D cinemas, for entertainment, education and corporate markets, worldwide. Their skills and capabilities extend from full turnkey solutions, custom and complete themed attractions, product development, manufacturing, service support, film content and motion programming. Their clients also have access to a vast film library, with hugely varied subject content. Based in Kingswinford, England they have an onsite high-tech manufacturing facility, from which the customer can be assured of unparalleled quality, with approved manufacturing quality accreditations. To date they have installed attractions all across the world from the UK to North America, Europe, New Zealand, Asia, South America & the Middle East. Offering unrivalled product support through their team of dedicated service engineers, they provide worldwide support 365 days a year.

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