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SMTA成立于1903年,目的是为了 “鼓励、促进和保护 “我们当时人数不多的会员的利益。时至今日,这句话仍然是我们存在的理由。我们的工作是照顾到所有会员的利益,不管是全国最大的汽车集团,还是小型的汽车维修站,甚至只是一个人在偏远地区的一个人的经营,我们的工作就是照顾到所有会员的利益。


English Description: The SMTA was formed in 1903 to “encourage, promote and protect” the interest of our, at that time, small band of members. To this day that statement remains our reason to exist. Our job is to look after the interests of all our members whether it’s the largest motor group in the country or whether it’s a small MOT station or even just a one man operation in a remote part of the country.

Our business is your business; we are member owned and member driven and have been ever since our inception way back in 1903. However from being very much an association in our earlier years which was there to help when things went wrong, we have now become a modern 21st century business, but still owned and driven by our members and their needs.
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