Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery
Business Name: Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery
Chinese Description:

我们是Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery。

我们酿造世界一流的单一麦芽威士忌Filey Bay,从田间种植到装瓶,皆在英格兰约克郡海岸。威士忌生产过程中的每个环节都由我们一家酒厂完成。我们的威士忌100%以约克郡自产的大麦为原料,且大麦以可持续的方式种植。我们采用手工蒸馏。我们从世界各地最好的制桶厂那里采购木桶。


无论是柔和顺滑、富含果味的波本威士忌Filey Bay Flagship,还是单桶原酒Single Cask。无论是采用雪莉桶、葡萄酒桶,或其他类型的酒桶,每一款Filey Bay威士忌都有独特的风味与个性。每一瓶酒也因此而与众不同。

English Description: We’re the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery. We make the world class ‘Filey Bay’ single malt whisky, from field to bottle, on England’s Yorkshire Coast.

We define every part of the whisky creation process ourselves. We grow and use 100% homegrown Yorkshire barley in our whisky, farmed sustainably and progressively. We distil by hand. And we source our casks from the very best cooperages around the world.

Our instinctive approach is to create a whisky that doesn’t just replicate Scotch. Instead we take the best of tradition and apply new thinking to create something unique.

Whether it’s our light and fruity bourbon-led Filey Bay Flagship, or a Single Cask release. Whether it’s been ‘finished’ or matured full term in sherry, red wine or other cask types. Each Filey Bay whisky has a distinct character and personality. That’s what makes every bottle so special.