Business Name: teapigs
Chinese Description:

teapigs是英国领先的优质茶公司,业务覆盖45个国家。产品品种多样,有超过34种茶叶和花茶,采用特殊的、可生物降解的茶包或散装茶袋包装,招牌产品有抹茶和功能性茶(””feel good””teas)。


English Description: Teapigs is the UK’s leading super premium tea company and has a presence in over 45 countries. The teapigs range is unrivalled with a range of over 34 real, whole leaf teas and herbal infusions that come in our special, biodegradable tea “”temples”” or in loose tea pouches, a leading range of super power matcha green teas and a range of functional “”feel good”” teas. teapigs teas come in different formats to suit all business needs from foodservice to hospitality to retail and they also offer teaware, tea training and lots of POS materials. teapigs is a much loved brand; they’ve been voted “”best tea brand”” for 7 years running by independent retailers and their teas have won 114 great taste awards.