Teledyne e2v特励达易图威科技(北京)有限公司

Teledyne e2v特励达易图威科技(北京)有限公司
Business Name: Teledyne e2v特励达易图威科技(北京)有限公司
Chinese Description:

Teledyne Technologies业务遍布全球,为各种高科技市场提供技术支持。它由多个部门组成,Teledyne e2v是Teledyne成像集团的一家成员公司。 Teledyne e2v致力于设计和制造磁控管,闸流管,配件和固态调制器,全世界90%的放射治疗设备采用Teledyne e2v的射频产品,并已被设计成多个新的放射治疗平台。Teledyne e2v已扩充其在北京的运营中心,为遍布中国的客户提供销售和工程支持,产品组装,测试和库存。此外,我们已经建立了本地供应,以支持我们在中国业务的增长。

English Description: Teledyne Technologies is a global company providing enabling technologies for industrial growth markets. It is made up of a number of Divisions and Teledyne e2v RF Power is part of Teledyne Digital Imaging. RF Power designs and manufactures magnetron, thyratrons, accessories and solid state modulators for radiotherapy systems for the treatment of cancer. These products are used in approximately 90% of the radiotherapy systems installed in hospitals and cancer centres worldwide and have been designed into multiple new radiotherapy platforms. Teledyne e2v has established a facility in Beijing which provides sales and engineering support, product assembly, testing and stocking for our customers throughout China. Also, we have developed local supply chains to support the growth of our business in China.

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