The Basic ingredient Ltd 极简食品有限公司

The Basic ingredient Ltd 极简食品有限公司
Business Name: The Basic ingredient Ltd 极简食品有限公司
Chinese Description:

极简食品有限公司是在英国伦敦的一家食品进出口公司。我们存在的目的是做一件事:去除食品中的色素, 防腐剂 , 农药,重金属… 现代食品中伤害我们健康的添加剂和污染物.

我们的品牌Emma Basic诞生于2018,英国伦敦。提供家庭做各国料理需要的食品原材料。我们从全球采购健康的,正宗的,优质的料理食材,让DIY料理变得简单有趣。

出口中国的食品,从王室授权的苏格兰三文鱼到美味英格兰芝士蛋糕, 我们将最地道的英国食品呈现给您。

English Description: The Basic ingredient Ltd exists for a single reason: Remove additives.

Colourings, preservatives, pesticide, heavy metals, the never-ending list of harmful additives and contaminants in modern food industry.

We believe we are making a change.

Emma Basic, a clean label food brand designed for people who love natural ingredients hate additives, who enjoy cooking with family and friends, who treasure time more than materials.

We export a carefully selected product range to China, including Scottish Royal warrant smoked salmon, and irresistibly yummy English Cheesecake.