The Lobster Pot

The Lobster Pot
Business Name: The Lobster Pot
Chinese Description:

The Lobster Pot 拥有70多年的历史,是优质可持续来源鲜活欧洲龙虾及欧洲黄道蟹全球供应商。我们的鲜活贝类海鲜源自北威尔士及其他英国海域,其中的99%出口至欧洲、北美、亚洲及其他地区。

创新的新型工厂设施使我们能够在最优条件下处理贝类海鲜。The Lobster Pot 拥有领先的物流运输体系,确保贝类海鲜以最佳状态到达目的地。

English Description: A global supplier of top quality live lobster (homarus gammarus) and brown crab (cancer pagarus), the Lobster Pot has been exporting across the globe for 70 years.

The Lobster Pot has pioneered logistics for the transportation of shellfish, using air freight. An innovative factory facility built 5 years ago ensures shellfish is kept in optimum condition. It is equipped with new technology and equipment to meet ever increasing food safety standards.

The Lobster Pot is supplied year round by vivier boats and day boats from 。around the UK. These boats are skippered by trusted and experienced crew.

The Lobster Pot wants to continue trading with its traditional customers, some of whom we have trading with for over 50 years. We would also like to demonstrate our innovative nature in meeting the demands of new customers. If you would like more information, please contact us on