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The Salmonman Ltd

The Salmonman Ltd
Business Name: The Salmonman Ltd
Chinese Description:

The Salmon Man品牌于2012年由大卫·史密斯(David Smith)创立。大卫在鲑鱼行业深耕多年,他一直以来的愿望是,纯手工制作出一系列高质量产品,使每位顾客都能享受到鲑鱼那令人惊叹的味道和口感。

大卫认为制作美味鲑鱼产品的关键在于,需要从挪威的可持续性海洋养殖场获取优质的原材料,因为这里养殖的鲑鱼是世界上最优质的鲑鱼。因此,The Salmon Man与Platina Seafood公司建立了合作关系。Platina Seafood的总部设在挪威的斯特兰达,他们对鲑鱼的养殖非常谨慎且充满热情,这得到了大卫的高度认可,他认为这会让鲑鱼的口感更加美味。目前,The Salmon Man所有鲑鱼产品的原材料均由Platina Seafood供应。

English Description: The Salmon Man was started in 2012 by David Smith – David already had many years’ experience in the salmon industry, and had a vision to create a range of high quality, hand-made products which would be available to everyone, so that people could enjoy the amazing flavours and textures of really great salmon.

David decided that the key to creating delicious salmon products was to source the best quality salmon from sustainable ocean farms in Norway, which are widely acknowledged as the best in the world. So began a wonderful relationship with Platina Seafood; Platina have their head office in Stranda, Norway, and farm their salmon with great care and passion – a philosophy which David knew would make for great tasting salmon. Platina Seafood supply all of the salmon used in The Salmon Man products.