The Scottish Salmon Company 苏格兰三文鱼公司

The Scottish Salmon Company 苏格兰三文鱼公司
Business Name: The Scottish Salmon Company 苏格兰三文鱼公司
Chinese Description:

苏格兰三文鱼公司(Scottish Salmon Company)是大型的优质苏格兰养殖三文鱼生产商,养殖场位于苏格兰西海岸(West Coast of Scotland)和赫布里底群岛(Hebrides)。我们参与价值链的各个环节,并通过整合和管理价值链的各个环节,确保产品由养殖场到餐盘的全过程均可追溯,同时保证产品的原产地。我们是欧洲首家获得“最严谨的水产养殖规范”(Best Aquaculture Practice)四星认证的三文鱼生产商。

去年我们生产了超过4万吨优质苏格兰三文鱼,产品远销从北美到远东地区26个国家。我们在乡村地区雇佣了超过650名员工,致力于苏格兰乡村环境、文化和经济的可持续发展。我们是Bakkafrost的全资子公司,Bakkafrost是领先的法罗群岛(Faroe Islands)优质三文鱼生产商,已在奥斯陆证券交易所(Oslo Stock Exchange)上市(BAKKA.OL)。

English Description: The Scottish Salmon Company is the leading producer of quality Scottish farmed salmon operating across the West Coast of Scotland and Hebrides.

We are engaged in all stages of the Value Chain. By integrating and managing each stage of the value chain we ensure the traceability of our product from farm to plate, with provenance guaranteed. We are the first salmon producer in Europe to be awarded a four-star Best Aquaculture Practice accreditation.

Last year we produced over 40,000 tonnes of the finest quality Scottish Salmon and exported to 26 countries around the world, from North America to the Far East. We employ over 650 people across rural communities and are committed to the environmental, cultural and economic sustainability of rural Scotland.

We are a fully owned subsidiary of Bakkafrost, the leading producer of quality salmon from the Faroe Islands which is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (BAKKA.OL).