The Wine People

The Wine People
Business Name: The Wine People
Chinese Description:

The Wine People 是一家由葡萄酒爱好者共同创办的葡萄酒外资进口与分销公司,总部位于广州。我们致力于提供价格亲民,品质出众的精品葡萄酒,以便让大家每天都能喝到。我们进口的葡萄酒大多来自家族自营酒庄。


English Description: The Wine People is a foreign-owned wine importer and distributor founded and run by wine lovers based in Guangzhou. We specialize in offering affordable yet exceptional boutique wines from family-owned wineries that can be enjoyed every day.

In addition to working with five-star hotels, independent restaurants and retailers across China, we supply organisations and corporates for their event programs and run The Wine Club. To support our clients, we also organize unique wine events.