UK NARIC 英国国家学历学位评估认证中心

UK NARIC 英国国家学历学位评估认证中心
Business Name: UK NARIC 英国国家学历学位评估认证中心
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由联合国教科文组织(UNESCO)提出的欧洲国家资历互认的“里斯本公约”规定了55个签署国在平等条件下进行学历互认,各国需成立NARIC 机构进行学历互认。

UK NARIC(The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom),即英国国家学历学位评估认证中心,成立于1983年,1997年成为一个独立的国家机构,总部位于英国切尔滕纳姆市,在该“公约”里占主导地位,目前已建立起全球会员网络,拥有1000多个会员机构,遍布超过62个国家和地区。

英国是第一个探索且提供一体化学历学位认证服务的国家,UK NARIC是英国官方指定唯一的全球学历学位评估认证机构,也是全球首家在世界范围内开展针对国际教育体系和学历学位认证与评估工作的机构,充当了世界国际资格的翻译机。目前UK NARIC 已经发展成为全球最具权威的第三方认证机构。

English Description: UK NARIC is the UK’s National Agency responsible for providing expert advice and guidance on vocational, academic and professional qualifications from over 200 countries, territories and former countries worldwide. Our information and evaluations enable educational institutions, professional bodies, businesses, and governments across the globe to develop informed opinions and appropriate policies when considering qualifications or training systems from overseas.

UK NARIC is a global reference point for qualifications. Over 1000 member organisations from 62 countries subscribe to our online databases – which have 17,000 registered users – and our communication channels reach 20,000 relevant individuals worldwide. We operate an extensive calendar of training events (including online training) and our annual conference in London is attended by almost 600 people from over 30 countries.

UK NARIC benchmarking and review findings are, therefore, widely referenced and trusted worldwide. Our communication channels ensure dissemination of our findings across the globe.