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Chinese Description:

Valeo Confectioner公司作为许多英国人最喜爱的糖果生产商,提供从经典口味到最新口味等各种产品。我们的著名品牌包括:Sherbet Fountain、Dip Dab、Black Jack和Fruit Salad、Flumps、Refreshers、Princess Marshmallows、Taveners Proper Sweets、Lion硬糖等等。公司成立至今已有数百年的悠久历史,旗下五家工厂通过将传统制造方法和最先进的运营方式相结合,生产最好的糖果产品。我们与英国最大的零售商建立了紧密的合作关系,供应品牌化产品和自有品牌产品。此外,我们覆盖多种零售渠道,包括杂货店、批发商、现购自运商场、折扣店、前庭商店以及广泛的独立渠道。

我们在国际上拥有强大的影响力,并希望在全球范围内实现进一步增长。 我们目前的主要市场包括澳大利亚、加拿大、欧洲和中东。作为一家国际品牌和零售商自有品牌企业,我们计划在诸多产品领域、市场和渠道方面实现全方位发展。如果您对在我们的任何领域或渠道开展业务,或者品牌或自有品牌的开发感兴趣,请与我们联系。

English Description: From retro classics to the latest flavours, Valeo Confectionery is home to many of the UK’s favourite sweets. Our famous brands include Sherbet Fountain, Dip Dab, Black Jack and Fruit Salad, Flumps, Refreshers, Princess Marshmallows, Taveners Proper Sweets, Lion hard gums and many, many more – check out our brands section for our full portfolio. With hundreds of years of heritage and five busy factories, we work tirelessly around the clock to deliver the very best confectionery with a combination of both traditional manufacturing methods and state of the art operations.

We have strong relationships with the UK’s largest retailers, providing both branded and own label products. We operate across a number of different retail channels including grocery, wholesalers and cash & carry, discounter, forecourts and the broad reaching independent channel.

We have a strong presence internationally and an even bigger desire to grow exponentially across the globe. We currently trade in key markets including Australia, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

As an international branded and retailer own brand business we have plans to grow across many product sectors, markets and channels. If you’re interested in doing business in any of our sectors or channels, brand or own label development, then please get in touch.