Weston College 韦斯顿继续高等教育学院

Weston College 韦斯顿继续高等教育学院
Business Name: Weston College 韦斯顿继续高等教育学院
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韦斯顿继续高等教育学院(Weston College)是英国最大的继续高等教育学院之一,满足了北萨默塞特(面积约145平方英里)民众的教育需要。近年来,韦斯顿继续高等教育学院取得了长足进步,因教学质量和全国知名度而广受认可。在过去三年里,韦斯顿继续高等教育学院一直稳居英格兰西部大学排行榜的前列。目前,韦斯顿继续高等教育学院所有课程的招生人数超过30000人,具体课程内容涵盖职业教育、英国普通中等教育证书考试高级水平课程(A-Level)、学徒制教育、成人与社区教育、本科教育和研究生教育。在保罗•菲利普斯博士(获大英帝国勋章)的领导下,韦斯顿继续高等教育学院在全国名闻遐迩,先后获得了数次英国学院协会(Association of Colleges)颁发的“灯塔奖”(Beacon Award)、女王周年奖(Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education),以及英国教育标准局“杰出”(Outstanding)等级评价和教学卓越框架(Teaching Excellence Framework,TEF)金奖(Gold)荣誉。

English Description: Weston College is one of the largest colleges of Further and Higher Education in the United Kingdom. It serves the needs of the people of North Somerset (an area covering approximately 145 square miles). In recent years the College has grown significantly and is recognised for its quality and national profile. For the last three years it has maintained its provision at the top of the league tables for Colleges in the West of England. There are currently over 30,000 learner enrolments across all provision at the College, studying vocational, A-level, apprenticeship, adult and community, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The College is led by Dr Paul Phillips CBE who has driven the College to gain a national reputation, which includes winning a large number of Association of Colleges’ Beacon Awards and the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, along with Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ and TEF ‘Gold’ quality accolades.