Zaha Hadid Architects 扎哈哈迪德建筑师事务所

Zaha Hadid Architects 扎哈哈迪德建筑师事务所
Business Name: Zaha Hadid Architects 扎哈哈迪德建筑师事务所
Chinese Description:

扎哈·哈迪德建筑师事务所(以下简称:扎哈)始建于一九七九年,四十年来始终处于建筑、艺术和设计领域的前沿。我们的项目作品活力四射、创新独特,在全球享有盛誉,它们无不体现着扎哈·哈迪德女爵士对于都市生活、建筑和设计的革命性探索与研究。在这四十载的实践过程中,我 事务所创造了一种独一无二的美学形式-卓尔不群、令人过目不忘。


扎哈始终追求为广大客户提供卓越超群的设计方案,在满足场地条件、 设计规范以及预算限制的前提下,不断超越客户的期待。多年来众多客户的高度满意度不断证明了我司打造兼具创新和实用性建筑的成功实践。

English Description: Zaha Hadid Architects was founded in 1979 and has been at the forefront of architecture, art, and design for four decades. The practice is known internationally for dynamic and innovative projects which build on Dame Zaha Hadid’s revolutionary exploration and research in the interrelated fields of urbanism, architecture and design. Over 40 years of practice, Zaha Hadid Architects has created a unique aesthetic that is at once unclassifiable and yet instantly recognisable for its clarity of vision.

Today, ZHA is a global company of 400 highly qualified architects and designers speaking 44 languages with offices in London, Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, Dubai and Mexico City, forming the face of cities and working on the cutting edge of design and construction in more than 50 countries around the globe.

We are driven to provide our clients with schemes which surpass their expectations for what is achievable within their site, brief, and budget; our track record of highly satisfied clients attests to the success of our methodology in achieving innovative, functional buildings.