Zenotech Ltd 顶峰科技

Zenotech Ltd 顶峰科技
Business Name: Zenotech Ltd 顶峰科技
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顶峰科技是一家位于英国西南部的高科技公司,专业开发仿真软件,用于航空、汽车、民用工程及再生能源领域。顶峰科技的团队成员曾就职于BAE系统(英国航天航空公司)和Airbus空客公司,担任计算机空气动力学和高性能计算的技术领头。在BAE系统任职期间,此团队开发的软件用于设计空客A340、 A380,、A350 和其它很多种类型的飞机。

English Description: Zenotech is a high-tech simulation specialist for the aerospace, automotive, civil and renewable energy sectors based in the South West of the UK. The Zenotech team started in aerospace working for BAE Systems and Airbus as leads for computational aerodynamics and high-performance computing. While at BAE Systems, the team developed software used to design the Airbus A340, A380, A350 and numerous other aircraft.