Zudu 英国祖德

Zudu 英国祖德
Business Name: Zudu 英国祖德
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该平台最近还为帮助苏格兰旅游市场举办了旅游预售活动,并为苏格兰威士忌行业举办了中国苏格兰首届虚拟威士忌节。(详情请关注:你好Alba 微信公众号)


English Description: Zudu’s flagship digital platform, NihaoScotland, promotes Scottish businesses directly to Chinese consumers by partnering with local experts and influencers on social networking sites like WeChat, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu.

NihaoScotland is a powerful Scottish leadership platform, helping brands and products reach the Chinese market while building digital bridges between China and Scotland. We have been promoting 100+ brands and have successfully helped more than 30+ companies find cooperation opportunities in China within 2 years. Our main industry focus areas are FMCG, textiles, pet products, baby products and manufacturing.

The platform recently held a pre-selling campaign for the Scottish tourism market and a Virtual Whisky festival for the Scotch Whisky industry, and we have many more industry focused campaigns planned over the forthcoming months. We would be interested in connecting with distributors, influencers, Travel Agencies, E-Commerce platforms and events venues to help expand our network, promote our platform and support our clients.