China Business Guide

The China Business Guide is intended to provide general business advice.

While the rise of China is easy to acknowledge, businesses constantly need to catch up with the speed and depth of change and development in China’s large and complex market space.

Whether selling, trading, investing or franchising, China offers opportunities in abundance to UK companies, large or small.

China is the great economic success story of the last 30 years. It is a huge market for UK businesses in everything from technology to luxury food products. The UK exported over £23 billion of goods and services to China in 2018.

Huge potential market

China is the largest country in the world by population, with over 100 cities of more than a million people. There is a fast-growing business and consumer market. Even with modest economic growth, China’s economy offers great opportunities.

Demand for quality

China’s increasing numbers of middle- and high-income consumers are focusing more on high-quality products. And as Chinese companies expand overseas, they need services and expertise to support them.

Better business environment

There are still challenges in China, but the business environment and market access for exporters has improved. China climbed the World Bank ease of doing business ranking by 15 places in 2019. It is now higher than some European countries.