Quick Facts

• The capital of the People‟s Republic of China

• Population: 21 .71million(2015)

• China‟s political and cultural capital for most of the last 700 years

• The nation‟s heart for scientific research, education, history and culture

• Beijing and London established sister city ties in 2006

Beijing is one of the four “great ancient capitals of China”, but it is also a modern commercial hub, bustling with innovative Chinese companies and multinational corporations alike. It is the political capital of China and therefore hosts the headquarters of the majority of the country‟s state-owned enterprises.

Beijing is connected to other major cities such as Shanghai through several key transportation links, including a high-speed rail network on which trains run at 215 mph. It is linked to the rest of China and the world via Beijing International Airport, the second busiest airport in the world. There is an extensive metro network which has grown from the late ,60s to include 17 lines and 227 stations.

Key Industries

• Information Communication Technology

• Auto-manufacturing

• Healthcare

• Art and Culture

• Electrical Machinery

• Bio-Engineering & Pharmaceuticals

• Tourism

• New Energy Industry

• Education

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

FDI is the investment into business or manufacturing, by an international company, through acquisition or expansion of operations. Many international companies decide to put either their China headquarters, or their Asia regional headquarters in Beijing. Some notable sources of FDI in Beijing are:

• AT&T China • Nestle
• AIRBUS • Siemens
• Coca Cola • Epson
• Cisco Systems • IBM China Company Limited
• ABB • Microsoft China
• Daimler Chrysler • Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals

In 2016, the FDI in Beijing amounts to USD $13 billion, a 0.3% growth on 2015.

Time Off in the Capital

• The Great Wall of China. There are many sections of the wall on the outskirts of Beijing, including Badaling which is just 50 miles away from downtown. For quieter sections try Simatai, Mutianyu or Jiankou.

• Other famous sites include: The Forbidden City / Tian‟amen square / Summer Palace / Temple of Heaven / Lama Temple / Beihai Park / and Jinshan Park (the centre point to Beijing where you can see panoramic views of the city on a clear day)

• For modern architecture try the “Bird‟s Nest” Olympic Stadium or the “Big Pants” CCTV Headquarters

• Visit to old Beijing style “hutong” alleyways like those at Nanluoguxiang

• For shopping try Sanlitun Village, Wangfujing or YaShow Market

• Try delicious Beijing roast duck or “ZhaJiangMian” noodles

Key Businesses and the Opportunities

• The majority of the state-owned, and most prestigious, Chinese companies have headquarters in Beijing, such as: China Petrol, China Mobile, Bank of China, ICBC, Lenovo, State Grid and China Life.

• A large number of Fortune Global 500 companies chose Beijing as regional headquarters / regional R&D centres

• Numerous of international conferences are held in Beijing

• All Chinese central level government bodies are based in Beijing, making the city the best place to lobby / access policy decision-makers

• Zhongguancun High-tech Park is China‟s “Silicon Valley”

• Cultural centre – Beijing is the #1 choice for cultural events and exchange

• Start-up companies – numerous venture capital firms have their main offices in Chaoyang District, such as Sequoia Capital. The city is increasingly known for its innovative entrepreneurs and high-growth private companies

• Beijing’s new economic growth rate is much higher than the national average.

• “Internet Plus” and Big Data promote the growth of new industry, such as online retail and Internet finance.

• Emerging services and high services develop rapidly,which are becoming the new motivation of economy development.

• Beijing added 3 national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, 18 projects are included in the national intelligent manufacturing special, the total number of projects ranked first in the country.

Useful Online Resources

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·Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology
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