Quick Facts

• Population: 9.04 million(2016)
• GDP : £101 billion (2016)
• HQ of China’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers, Haier and Hisense
• A major transportation hub of northern China. Qingdao’s port has established
90 sea routes, connecting it with 450 ports in 130 countries
• Home to China’s largest beer factory and an annual Oktoberfest style festival
• Site of the 2008 Olympics Sailing Centre and all sea based events

Qingdao lies on the east coast of Shandong Province and is the economic and political capital of the province.

For over a century Qingdao has been a major seaport, naval base, and industrial centre, and it has played an important role in the development of China’s foreign trade. Ships and vessels from around the world go through Qingdao’s port every day. It is China’s third biggest international port.

Qingdao’s secondary and tertiary industries have gone through a period of major development since areas of the city were designated as a Special Economic and Technology Development Zone in 1984.

Qingdao is connected to surrounding cities through a high-speed train network, and an urban metro network is currently under construction. Qingdao is famous for its blue sea and beautiful beaches. It is also the site of the Tsingtao Brewery, China’s favourite beer. Tourists come to see Qingdao’s beaches, resorts and the world’s longest sea bridge – the Qingdao Haiwan Bridge.

Key Industries

• Household appliances
• Electronics
• Automotive
• Locomotive and rolling stock
• Shipbuilding
• Marine science research

City of Marine Sciences

Qingdao is China’s leading centre for marine science research. It is home to the China Ocean University – the only such institution of its kind in China. The city is also the chosen location of several leading research institutions for oceanography, fishery, ship building and marine engineering.

Key Businesses Based in Qingdao

• Haier has the world’s largest market share in the white goods sector. They have manufacturing in many countries including Asia and the USA. Haier’s management models such as “Overall Every Control“ management, and “Market Chain“, are taught as case studies at Harvard Business School and Kobe University (Japan). Haier was the official home appliances sponsor of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

• Hisense is an international electronics conglomerate which started in Qingdao in 1969 and still has its HQ in the city. Hisense owns numerous brands and multiple subsidiaries. The Hisense Group achieved a sales income of £7.5 billion in 2011. Hisense currently has production facilities abroad including in South Africa, Egypt and Algeria; and its products are exported to 130 countries. It is a state-owned enterprise which is traded publically on multiple stock markets.

• Qingdao Port is located on the southern coast of the Shandong Peninsula and was built in 1892. It is the third-largest container shipping port in China after Shanghai and Shenzhen, making it a key state-owned enterprise.

• Tsingdao Beer has a long history in China. Tsingdao’s tradition of beer making stems from the Anglo-German Brewery which was founded in 1903, a time when Qingdao had territorial concessions for foreign settlers and traders. Tsingdao Beer is now the most popular brand in China and has a current brand value of £6.5 billion. Tsingdao Beer exports to more than 70 countries and regions in the world. The Barth Report ranks Tsingdao Beer as the world’s sixth-largest brewer.

Economic Highlights

• The modern service industry growth is good.
• The development of advanced manufacturing industry is fast.
• Increasing prosperity and development in the consumer market.

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