Quick Facts

• Population: 7.31 million (2016)

• GDP:758.9 billion RMB

• Shenyang is the economic, cultural and political centre of Northeast China

• Railway hub of Northeast China; connected to Harbin and Changchun by the new high-speed railway 124-186 mph

• Shenyang will host the 12th National Games in 2013

Shenyang has long served as a hub for international trade with Russia, Japan, and Korea, as well as a base for Chinese heavy industry, such as aerospace, and equipment manufacturing.

In 2003 the Northeast China Revitalisation strategy was adopted by the State Council. This policy aimed to rejuvenate industrial bases in Northeast China. It allowed a shift of focus in Shenyang towards software, the automotive sector and new technology in agriculture.

The Hurun Wealth Report published in 2012 stated that there were 8,800 millionaires residing in Shenyang and 650 super-rich individuals (worth more than approx. £10 million). This large number of wealthy individuals makes Shenyang China‟s third largest luxury brand market.

Shenyang„s Olympic Stadium hosted football matches for the Olympic Games in 2008. It is the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the last Imperial dynasty in China. The city is home to the Shenyang Imperial Palace which historically and artistically significant.

Key Industries

• Equipment manufacturing
• Automobile and parts manufacturing
• Aerospace
• Pharmaceuticals
• IT for industrial automation
• Agriculture
• Chemicals

Key Businesses

• Neusoft is the largest China-based software manufacturer by revenue. Established in 1988 and incorporated at the North-Eastern University in 1991, it currently employs more than 20,000 staff members. It runs branches in approximately 40 Chinese cities, and has subsidiaries in the USA and Japan. Its international partners include, Boeing, Microsoft, Symantec, Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba.

• Brilliance Auto is an automaker which started out as a state-owned enterprise but is now listed on the Frankfurt and Hong Kong stock exchanges. Operating joint ventures with both BMW and Toyota, Brilliance produces cars, minibuses, and automobile components. In 2012 it produced nearly 600,000 passenger vehicles.

• Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, founded in 1953, is a subsidiary of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China that specialises in manufacturing fighter aircrafts. It owns the Shenyang Airframe Plant, Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute, and Shenyang Aeroengine Research Institute. It is currently developing four different types of fighter aircrafts.

• Northern Heavy Industries Group (NHI Group) is a state-owned company, which employees more than 10,000 staff in the production/provision of tunnel boring equipment, metallurgy equipment, building materials and environmental protection equipment. The products the NHI Group manufacture are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Economic Zones

• Shenyang Economic & Technological Development Zone is a national level development approved by the State Council in 1993. The major industries located in area include equipment manufacturing, automotive and auto components and pharmaceuticals. Various multinationals have established a base in the area including Coca-Cola, Michelin, and ABB.

• Hunnan New Area (HNZ) is a national level high-tech zone. It houses various companies which focus on industries including IT, new materials, pharmaceuticals, and automotive manufacturers. Companies at HNZ include Neusoft, LG, and General Electric.

Economic Highlights

• The speed of economy transformation is rising.
• Innovation drives economy growth.

Useful Online Resources

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