The epidemic is raging in 2020, and the high pathogenicity and contagiousness of COVID-19 virus has already had a great impact on global politics, economy and culture, causing a serious butterfly effect. CNUK hopes to contribute to global epidemic prevention and control by leveraging our effective governmental resources and commercial information network.

CNUK has now rigorously sifted through the information to identify the best manufacturers in China that meet our strict requirements. We have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with them and are entrusted with the task of further developing overseas sales channels for these manufacturers, as well as taking full responsibility for their International Trade Agency Business Operation.

Overseas partners who have procurement needs can contact us as soon as possible. If the below categories which can not match with your demands, we will be happy to assist you in finding the relevant supplies, negotiating prices, and communicating with you on the import and export process services.


PPE & Medical Supplies Categories:

FFP2/FFP3 protective masks

Disposable medical masks

Disposable children’s masks

Medical surgical masks

Medical non-sterile gloves

Mobile UV Disinfection Robot


Procurement Contact Declaration:

1. Government and related agencies need to provide the relevant procurement documents;

2. Commercial enterprises and civil organizations, an Official Procurement Letters are required.


Contact: Owen Sun