CNUK in China works closely with the British authorities in China, connecting companies with professional salons, conferences, forums and other forms of networking, information search and cooperation.

In addition, we offer the following supports to partners in our Corporate Services section:

1. Assisting Chinese and British enterprises in developing import and export distribution channels and providing International Trade Agency Business Operations for Chinese manufacturers;

2. Providing Chinese and British enterprises with the supports and services at the governmental level, cultural resources, business information match making, consulting and cooperation in project implementation;

3. Providing Chinese and British enterprises with more access to each other’s regional markets for business and government information and resource match making, and to find regional cooperation channels and partners for their cultural and technical products;

4. Providing visa supports, business match making and translation services for enterprises that need to visit China and the UK for on-site visits and business negotiations;

5. Providing Chinese enterprises with one-stop services such as launching overseas branches, finance taxation, human resources, warehousing and logistics;

6. Provide information, resources development and launching supports for cultural education, cultural creation and cultural tourism projects established by the governments of China and the UK.