CNUK works closely with the UK government authorities in China to provide a platform for companies to connect with professional salons, industry conferences, forums dialogue, as well as business communication, information search and interactive cooperation in both the UK and China.

In addition, We offer the following supports to companies in the Corporate Services areas.

  • Assisting the UK and China enterprises in developing channels for import and export;
  • Providing the information interface, consulting of governmental level and cultural resources to the enterprises in both the UK and China;
  • Assist the UK and China enterprises in providing supports and services in the areas of science and technology education, IP culture, culture creative, culture and tourism, and other areas of cooperation in the landing of projects;
  • Providing the UK and China enterprises business and governmental channels information from the regional markets to allow more access of the two countries;
  • Information dissemination, channel connecting for the UK and China enterprises to enter each other’s market. Looking for the regional cooperation channels and partners of cultural and technical products;
  • Providing visa support, business docking, translation and other assistance services to enterprises that arrange visits and business negotiations in the regions of the UK and China;
  • Providing information consulting and resources development for cultural projects involving or funded by the UK and China governments;
  • Helping western China governments and enterprises find more partners of UK cultural education, cultural creative, creative and tourism projects;
  • Through our effective Government Channel Information Network, we will firstly launch the large database of relevant sections from the UK.