Demystifying China's Bond market - China Special Economic Reports

by FCO

Demystifying China's Bond market is a special reports produced by the China Economic Network providing a technical and in depth analysis on China economic issues of interest.

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China’s onshore bond market has grown six-fold over the past decade.

Standing at RMB 43tn (USD 6.7tn), it is now the third largest bond market in the world. There is still significant room to grow as China seeks to diversify risks in the financial system, liberalise access, and continues with the local government ‘debt-bond swap’ programme. Further development of the bond market has been prioritized by the Government in the 2016-20 Five-Year Plan and if reforms are successfully delivered, the market could triple in size to RMB 120tn (USD 20tn) by 2025, creating vast opportunities for both domestic and international investors.

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