Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, CNUK Business Corporation is an organisation that assists Chinese and British businesses in cooperating with each other in the areas of technology education, culture exchange, creative activities, commercial retail, etc. We provide business consulting, project integration, capital cooperation and market support to governments, civil society organisations and enterprises both in the UK and China.

At present, CNUK has joined hands with key partners such as state-owned enterprise groups, multinational corporations, science and technology innovation platforms, government organisations and official investment promotion agencies of both countries to provide comprehensive services such as technology incubation and transfer, cross-border accelerator operation, cross-border equity investment, business venture capital investment activities and financial consulting, etc. We look forward to dialogue and in-depth cooperation with resource partners in both countries.

In China, CNUK responds to the concept of China’s economic internal cycle by introducing IPs to create a new cultural and creative highland to match the consumption upgrade of the retail industry. CNUK has worked with industry partners to launch a Sino-British cultural and creative industrial park, building and launching an online vertical E-commerce portal for imported British retail consumer goods, and assisting a number of British brands to test the waters of E-commerce in China.

In order to support Chinese companies in their strategy of “GOING GLOBAL” , CNUK has launched an International Trade Agency Business Operation for Chinese manufacturers, helping them to market their products on independent E-commerce platform, large E-commerce platforms and comprehensive social networking sites. In addition, we also provide one-stop services for Chinese companies in the areas of launching overseas branches, finance, taxation, human resources, warehousing and logistics.


In 2013, China’s President Xi Jinping proposed the historic “One Belt, One Road” policy. Under the guidance of this policy, we first of all work to create more opportunities for trade, investment and cultural exchanges between the UK and China, focusing on promoting in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the UK and China in the areas of science and technology education, cultural IP, creative culture and tourism, promoting diversified communication and mutual assistance along with the “One Belt, One Road”, and contributing to the mutual exchanges of East and West civilization.

China’s opening up to the world began in the eastern coastal region, and the western region which are deep in the hinterland was regarded as a desert for foreign investment and an economically and culturally underdeveloped because of its inherent regional disadvantages. Nowadays, with China’s western development and the continuous tilting of government supportive policies, the opening of international logistics thoroughfares in all directions, the regional disadvantage of western China disappears.

To the east, Western China could have access to the sea through the Yangtze River golden waterway; to the west, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi’an and other western cities have opened China-European direct railway routes; to the south, new land and sea routes to Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries have been regularized; to the north, Chongqing and Chengdu have opened direct international railway routes to Russia.

Western China, a key region of the “One Belt, One Road”, is rapidly emerging, and its process holds enormous and growing needs and historical opportunities, more and more people will focus on Western China, which is rejuvenating like never before. We believe that, in addition to western parts of China, the other regions which with the increasingly open development posture of the Chinese market, the advantages of the UK and China in many areas are highly complementary, and the deepening trade, cultural and investment exchanges between the two countries will inevitably lead to deeper and deeper cooperation & cultural exchanges in more areas, and the development of the UK and China will certainly enter into the golden era.


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Pioneer opening the UK and China Corporation Golden Decade

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